Best desk lamps

A couple of things promoted this look at the best desk lamps. Firstly, I’ve interviewed crack Amsterdam-based interior designer Kate Hume a couple of times for UK ELLE Decoration, and one of her ‘hero’ items that she employs in nearly every scheme is not some super-expensive thing, but the Metropol lamp from Habitat, which seems like a pretty good tip to pass on. Metropol is stylish but unobtrusive, and Kate typically uses it to highlight an eclectic display of objects on a table. Second, a friend has just completed the first draft of his debut novel, and he wrote it in his spare bedroom under the depressing watch of a single, bare energy-saving bulb in the ceiling. Now, writing a novel is, I am sure, a painful business, and if only he’d had a nice little desk lamp for company it might have been fractionally more pleasurable. So here are some ideas to make your workspace more conducive to creative, happy thoughts.


Clockwise from top left: Secto 4220 by Seppo Koho, from Skandium; Quentin, from BHS; Lean Table Red by Tom Dixon, from Icône; Atlantis, by Graham and Green; Jieldé, from Caravan; Metropol, by Habitat; Hector with pleated shade, by Holloways of Ludlow; white Anglepoise, from Heal’s; Bestlite, from Elk Home; 1940s-style bronze lamp, by Plümo


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