Online store: Jonathan Adler

When oh when is Jonathan Adler going to get an outlet in the UK? He’s little-known here but huge in the States thanks to his ‘maximalist’ interior design philosophy and a string of stores that sell his exclusive designs – a mixture of sensible grown-up things and cheeky/funny/weird things. Adler was originally a ceramicist, so the tableware, vases and lamp-bases are particularly unusual and interesting. New online is a range of wicker products called Shelter Island, which includes this nice twist on the modernist chair, but here are few other favourite things, too. (Oh If you live in the UK and want to get your Adler fix, Heal’s sells a very few of his ceramic animals and vases – it’s just not good enough though, dammit.)

Picture 1

Shelter Island wicker chair, by Jonathan Adler

Picture 2

Horse table lamp, by Jonathan Adler

Picture 3

Desmond screen, by Jonathan Adler

Picture 5

Lampert loveseat, by Jonathan Adler


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