New home: Dublin mews house, by TAKA Architects

Glossy architecture magazines may fill their pages with vast homes made of steel and glass, but most people building a house have more modestly sized plots, budgets and materials at their disposal. Dublin-based TAKA Architects‘ latest project is a thoughtful reinterpretation of a mews house that sits perfectly in its Victorian context but is in a class of its own. One facade is of pierced brickwork, while on the other side, end-on bricks create a dynamic surface over which the day’s shadows subtly shift. Large windows open up the house to the wider world and detailed joinery inside and out creates a richness and warmth necessary for a homely feeling. This house may be a one-off but I think that it is also a plausible blueprint for modern mass housing – I’d much rather see whole terraced streets of this place than some of the rubbish that most volume housebuilders come up with, and I suspect that it wouldn’t cost a whole lot more, either.



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