Frameless poster frames

There are some amazing websites out there for inexpensive posters (too many, in fact – check out the Poster Whore blog, which is a fine starting place for good stuff), but I always struggle with the idea than you can spend 20 quid on the artwork and then at least twice that to get it nicely framed. I’ve seen lots of solutions to this but I think I actually prefer old-school bulldog clips, classic slidey-things-at-top-and-bottom or these frameless frames from office supplies place Arken because they are somehow more unobtrusive and give you the ability to chop and change your artwork as you like. The first thing I would put in my cheap, temporary frame is this nice number from 20×200 (brilliant idea, all its artwork comes in multiple sizes, priced at $20-$2,000, although it looks like the smaller/cheaper ones get snapped up quickly).


Shaun Sundholm’s Untitled (Let’s Get Lost), from


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