Favourite thing: Deadgood’s Love chair

The London Design Festival is really about showcasing creative talents of the whole nation, and my favourite thing from this year’s festival came courtesy of a collaboration between two firms that, although they don’t brand themselves as such, are quietly but defiantly Not London. Newcastle-based Deadgood‘s lounge chair, part of its Love range, was designed with Barker & Stonehouse, a quality furniture retailer with stores all over the north east. The chair is elegant, sturdy and comfortable-looking – and it’s a hard thing to pull off all three. It also repays close inspection because it’s beautifully made and has very cute heart-shaped buttons on the seat back that lend it an irreverent touch. Deadgood showed a pale grey and a purple version at 100% Design but even better was the two-seater purple model at Liberty’s contribution to the festival, Britain Can (Still) Make it. Not only did the hearts make more sense – it had morphed from armchair to love-seat – but it looked much more at home in the rarified surroundings of Britain’s most dapper department store, with creaky floorboards and timber panelling all around; the colour made sense too, echoing some of the jewel-like tones that the Arts and Crafts movement were so fond of (and purple’s the colour of Liberty’s branding too).



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