More 100% Design picks

Here’s some more stuff that caught my eye at 100% Design:

{8EC6C55C-D63C-473E-BB82-A67508A86D0D}Trellick Tower cushion, designed by Margo Selby in collaboration with People Will Always Need Plates

Picture 1

Wallpapers by French firm Châto & Co


Limited edition, 24-carat-gold plated version of Scabetti’s Shoal light sculpture

1207303162609Platinum chair, by Thomas de Lussac

pebble-4Pebble chairs, by Benjamin Hubert Studio (I love these colours, and I think that maybe sludgy/camouflage tones might be around a lot next year)

STNuageTranslucent porcelain chandelier (this one is called Nuage), by Diffuse

3694317546_a9c928b943Treviso desk, designed by Matthew Hilton for Ercol

Picture 2Mini Curly shade, by Charlie Whinney


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