Someone’s put a hex on me

This weekend’s the last chance to catch Marc Newson’s contribution to the London Design Festival, a giant metal sculpture made of tesselated hexagons called Supercell. Newson is fond of the hexagon as a motif and used it all over his supercool retro-futuristic makeover of New York’s Lever House Restaurant (which has just shut and been reopened as something new. With fewer hexagons in it). He says he likes the shape because of its association with biological forms – the building blocks of life, if you will. They remind me of the tables I used to sit at at primary school; lovely, complex tile patterns found in Moorish palaces; and Blockbusters. And once you start looking, hexagons are everywhere, almost in a creepy way, like they are following you. Here are a few of them (admittedly, I actively went looking for most of these).


Clockwise from top left: Prismatic table by Vitra, from Design Shop UK; Honeycomb wallpaper by Tom Dixon, from Cole & Son; Twine wall decoration from Habitat; Hex cell plate by Vitamin; B-line Essa pouffe, from Nest; Zoro mosaic tiles,; Sport easy chair, by Peac; Honeycomb acrylic pendant, from Dwell; Mirrored coffee tables,


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