Anthropologie makes it to London

Urban Outfitters’ older sibling, Anthropologie, has finally made it to London, with a flagship store on Regent Street. Its homewares are known for their ‘European’, eclectic look, and mixture of peasant chic, ‘fake vintage’ and a few industrial/sciency bits thrown in. (I’m cool with fake vintage. As long as no-one but me buys it.) Anthropologie’s chief buyer, Keith Johnson, has such an enviable job that there’s even a TV show airing in the US at the moment that follows his treasure hunt, Man Shops Globe. Lucky, lucky man. Until I can get Up West – and I now have a really good reason to brave the hoards – here’s what I’m hoping they’re gonna sell me (but also available online, if you don’t mind a big ol’ price hike cos of the shipping costs from the US).


Clockwise from top left: Lady of the Manor wallpaper; Royal Menagerie Goat knob; Royal Menagerie Squirrel knobWire shelf; Who’s the Fairest mirror; Fair Isle Sweater Wolf clock; Checkmate Queen candlestick; Picnic Condiment Caddy; Milkmaid butter dish; Golden Odonata bowl


One response to “Anthropologie makes it to London

  1. Oh but the price hike! It is HUGE. I have visited the new store three times and not once have I felt able to afford anything. Which is a bummer as I once spent so much in the West Broadway store in New York that the staff greeted me by name when I called in two days later…

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