This is not Ikea

It is a good job that an awful lot of miles separate me from LA vintage store This is Not Ikea, because a visit here would have me emptying my purse in no time. They started off online, with the aim of providing cool old stuff to the masses, but at the kind of low prices we’ve all come to take for granted. Considering Ikea’s leviathan buying power it was never going to be a fair fight, but buying cheap-ish vintage does mean that you can take something home in the knowledge that a billion other people round the world don’t have it. It looks a hell of a lot more fun to shop here, too. They should rename themselves This is Better than Ikea. (But I suppose that might result in a court case.)

Store interior

Store interior

Bakelite cart

Bakelite cart

double sided clock

Double-sided clock

fibreglass school chairs

Fibreglass school chairs

lucite lamps

Lucite lamps

metal kitchen cabinet

Metal kitchen cabinet

Orange chair

Orange chair


3 responses to “This is not Ikea

  1. What’s their website called? 😀 x

  2. It looks like a great store btw 🙂 x

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