Mint furniture

You don’t  read much about Latvian design, do you? And when you do it’s mostly about weird/conceptual stuff that bridges the gap between design and art. Well here’s a little bit of Latvian design which is very nice indeed: Mint‘s laminated ash furniture. It comes in a tightly restricted palette of colours (reminded me a bit of the palette that Le Corbusier invented for his work, although they’re not that close, in fact), so any fool could buy a chair in every hue and it would still look like it would go together. There something very happiness-inducing about it all, and I especially like the freestanding kitchen units, as well as the tiled floormat made from (presumably) leftover bits of timber and veneer. Look out for Mint’s new range, due by Christmas. And if you want to see some more Latvian design for the home, click here (some of it’s a bit weird and conceptual, but I already warned you about that).




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