Tiles on the Tube

H&E Smith are manufacturers of traditional British tiles (think those big chunky encaustic numbers in mustard yellow, dark green and burgundy that you get in high-Victorian boozers) but the company has another life as the supplier to London Underground of all its tiles. And you can buy most of them for your home, too. Subway tiles are now of course everywhere but I like the extra frisson of cool that you might get from having exactly the same red and blue colourway used at Maida Vale to the lime green from Mornington Crescent. Even better are the lovely cream tiles with black letters, so you can make up your own station name/witticism at home. I am sure plenty of people wouldn’t like the idea of decorating their house to match a place where they already spend way too much time on a hateful commute to work. But I am not one of them. Mainly ‘cos I live in south east London and I get the train. Or a bus. Usually both, unfortunately.

The letter tiles are available to buy - but the tube logo one's just for London Underground


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