Ceramic lighting

The bare bulb is my mortal enemy (and don’t even get me started on the light-quality of an energy-saving bulb), and one of the nicest materials to use as a shade is porcelain. Such a soft, flattering glow. I’ve posted before about high-end chandelier-makers Diffuse, but I’ve since discovered a couple of other examples. Liz Emtage, who I came across at Cockpit Arts the other week, makes hand-crafted column lights and pendants, with textured surfaces that are created by pressing leaves, sand or even lentils and broken sheets of lasagne, into the outer surface, which then catch the light when illuminated from the inside. A different animal, but just as good, is an expanded range of pendants from Original BTC, which come as singles and also in a clump of 11 separate lights (I doubt whether their marketing people would call it a clump, but nonetheless they look good).

Cow-parsley lamp by Liz Emtage

Original BTC's ceramic pendant lights

Group of 11 Drop lights, by Original BTC


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