Something to look forward to: Living Architecture

I am keenly following the progress of a brilliant architectural project, Living Architecture. In a nutshell, a group of people have got together to commission five new holiday homes in the UK, which will be available to rent from spring: they differ from the norm, because they are at the cutting edge of modern design, created by architects such as the Pritzker Prize-winning Peter Zumthor (so-called best architect alive – this will be his first UK project) and MVRDV. Very few people get to experience and ‘own’ really high-quality contemporary domestic architecture, so this is a way of redressing that balance. I think the intention is also to change the public perception of what a modern house should look like, by giving traditionalists the chance to give them a go. A bit like Alain de Botton did when he sent a mock-Tudor loving couple to live on a new Dutch (?) housing estate for More4’s The Perfect Home series a couple of years ago – once they’d experienced all that space and light, they loved it. But I think that will fall by the wayside – Living Architecture’s homes will be so oversubscribed with already-converted architecture fans that no-one else will get a look in. If you like looking at building sites, follow the progress of the various builds on a blog here.

MVRDV's Balancing barn

In-Between house, by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects


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