Wallter mobiles

Mobiles must be one of the most useless objects on earth (apart from for insomniac babies, maybe), and God knows I don’t need anything in my flat that simply takes up lots of space without serving a purpose, but I’m still allowed to like them. US company Wallter makes this ‘Palm’ model which has a vaguely ’60s/’70s vibe in its shape and comes in great colours – shades of orange/brown, blues and pinks/reds, plus all-white and (my favourite) a burnished gold that looks black until it catches the light. Sadly it doesn’t look like they ship to the UK, which leaves me wondering whether I could get my DIY dad to fashion something similar.If you want to see/buy more of Wallter’s work its very nice hexagonal 3D wall decals are available from Bristol shop Home Contrast.


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