Walnut wallpaper

I’ve yet to find a really good UK site for wallpaper (Wallpaper Direct is OK, but doesn’t have some of the more obscure/interesting stuff), but LA-based Walnut Wallpaper has a high hit-rate of things I love. If you’re not in the US,  no matter, since it’s still a handy research stop-off, and since it organises itself by designer, colour and theme, it’s easy to find something you like. Top picks include designs by Florence Broadhurst (who can do no wrong), Flavor Paper and too-cool-for-school graphic artist Geoff Mcfetridge, There’s also a gallery showing the store’s clients’ finished handiwork, for an extra dose of inspiration.

Turnabouts, by Florence Broadhurst

Luxury, by Flavor Paper

Little Whales, by Geoff Mcfetridge


One response to “Walnut wallpaper

  1. Hey, you should take a look at http://www.interiors-europe.co.uk/ Based in Surrey. Probably the most comprehensive wallpaper site in England stocking most of the top end wallpaper houses. I have ordered from here before, and they are super efficient, knowledgeable and helpful.

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