Online store: Culture Label

There used to be a really good shop in Covent Garden called, I think, The Museum Store, which brought together the best bits from all the museum shops. I was sad when it closed, and since then museum shops have come on loads, so there is obvious potential for bringing them together in one place, and here it is in the form of Culture Label. The site certainly reflects how much cooler museums are now: it sells things from big cheeses such as Tate and the V&A, and small ones such as Deptford’s Bearspace, and the more trad end of the market is also catered for with goods from the Royal Parks and Glyndebourne (and confusingly there are also some non-museums/galleries represented). It is a bit of a guilty pleasure in some ways as a part of me thinks that you have to struggle through some challenging modern art before visiting the shop, as some kind of reward for your patience. Ditto visiting the caff for a nice cup of tea. But here you get all the pleasure of shopping with none of the pain of intellectual stimulation.

Matt Pugh wooden owls, via the Barbican (click on the image to go through to the site)

David Shrigley duvet cover, via Third Drawer Down (click on the link to go through to the site)

Mum rug by Sally Spinks, via Bearspace (click on the image to go through to the site)


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