OSB houses

I’m a bit rubbish at spotting trends (this is a really terrible admission given my job) but I’ve noticed quite a few new homes with interiors clad in Oriented Strand Board, aka OSB, aka the really rough-and-ready timber board made from big chips of wood, like extra chunky MDF. Aside from its cheapness, I think it’s a way of getting textural interest into the home, especially when contrasted with shiny flat materials. And it gives a minimal, industrial feel while still looking warm and natural, something that can’t be said of other industrial materials such as concrete and steel. Here are three houses on a theme, then: Rural Designs‘ Fiscavaig on the Isle of Skye; the Cubby House in Melbourne by Edwards Moore (see what I mean about how it contrasts well with shiny things); and Fiat Lux in Brussels by Label Architecture, who have ruined my argument about OBS being a warm and natural material by painting it all matt black.

Fiscavaig, by Rural Design

The Cubby House, by Edwards Moore

Fiat Lux, by Label Architecture


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