New Find: Home Sense

I didn’t know much about Home Sense (TK Maxx’s stand-alone interiors arm – big out of town barns, mostly) until I went to its preview for Spring/Summer 2011 this week. It’s understandably hard to market to the press, since the stock will be in smaller quantities, and not in every store – by the time you’ve said ‘oooh look at this!’ it’s in someone else’s living room already. But the quality seems great, with some good names, and ace prices – even for basics like white bedlinen. The PR mentioned that they even have someone sourcing vintage stuff, such as old cinema chairs, for its Tunbridge Wells and Lakeside branches. The website doesn’t have furniture but it’s still good, but like TK Maxx you’ll have to wade through a lot of things that are not your cup of tea. Here’s some of the good stuff I found (click on the pics to buy, but they’ve probably gone by now…)

Bella Lux 1,000 thread count king duvet set, £59.99

Grey and pink fan cushion, £9.99

Yellow silk cushion, £11

Baby blue tray by Zak, £7.99

Green glass bowl, £7.99


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