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If you like but are a bit sick of your searches returning a load of stuff that has little to do with interiors, or is just, well, a bit rubbish (I always seem to get really bad art, and DIY products – perhaps I’m doing my searching wrong), then make an alternative port of call. I came across it a while ago, meant to bookmark it, and then got distracted, and I’ve just re-found it again (when I was meant to be doing some actual proper work, naturally). Proclaiming itself a ‘tat-free zone’, Furnish represents far fewer brands  (proof, perhaps, that too much choice can be a bad thing) but as a result it feels like someone’s already done some of the initial filtering for you, and just left the good stuff, and there’s a good mix of high street, like John Lewis and Habitat, well-known brands such as Dualit and Knoll, and up and coming firms such as Dare Studio and Mini Moderns. I hope it stays this sorta size – as Goldilocks would say, not too big, not too small, but just right. Here’s what I found with a quick look (although I could have stayed all day).

Do You Live in a Town? wallpaper, by Mini Moderns

Foscarini Diesel Cage pendant light




String Shelving by Utility






Niki Jones Dove Grey Concentric Cushion from Heal's



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