Trends: the new cane furniture

My dad thinks that there is no piece of furniture that can’t be enlivened by a bit of woven cane. Consequently over the years his amateur furniture-making includes TV cabinets, radiator covers and bed headboards all covered with a nice spot of the stuff. Until recently I couldn’t look at it without it reminding me of a dreamy early-70s Laura Ashley catalogue or soft-focus Cadbury Flake ad, but that’s all changed – I love what designers are doing with it now. Patricia Urquiola’s Klara chair for Moroso kicked it all off for me last year, and now French designers Samuel Accoceberry and Jean-Louis Iratzoki have launched a range of seating for Pyrénéa called Xistera featuring exaggerated high backs in woven cane. German firm Thonet has been doing bentwood and cane furniture more than a hundred years, of course, but in both cases here it’s the mix of hard and soft, transparent and solid, that makes things interesting and seems to bring it up to date, adding that all-important layer of texture that no home should be without.

Klara chair, Moroso

Xistera chair for Pyrénéa, via Contemporist

Thonet 209 chair, designed in 1900 and still in production

1960s Brazilian cane-sided sofa, via 1stdibs

Sheet steel Cane table by Lee Walsh





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