New store: Tiger Stores

These images show the Stratford branch of Tiger Stores, a franchise from Denmark that’s expanding all over Europe, including in the UK. They’re value-focussed (ie cheap) but manage to do it in a way that results in a vastly better shopping experience than the pound stores, although it’s barely more expensive. A good dose of Scandi design sensibility really helps – soft pendant lighting hangs low over the display areas, giving a cosy domestic feel, and despite the fact that it sells a dizzying array of products (from spice mixes to art stuff, toys and colourful reading glasses that can only be described as ‘jazzy’) everything’s arranged neatly and attractively, like the huge bank of colour-coded candles at the rear of the store. The best analogy I can think of is the IKEA marketplace, but it’s better than that. There’s plenty of homewares with a high hit-rate, especially the ranges that stay true to Danish tastes – simple graphic prints, a bit of whimsy, lots of charm. If there isn’t one on a high-street near you, I expect there will be soon. Or you could buy a franchise and open your own…


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