Perfect harmony: how to zone your living space

This Sydney house, recently posted by Contemporist, is such a good example of how to zone and integrate an open-plan space. It’s a decorating conundrum that’s becoming more and more relevant – we may not have a vast room to play with, but nonetheless most of us are doubling up on our room’s uses (living/dining room, living room/kitchen, or, as here, a combination of all three) and want to make them feel distinct but unified. Designed by Carter Williamson Architects, it creates a harmony between living room and kitchen by mimicking the shape and finish of the kitchen cabinetry and the living-room sideboard; meanwhile, further cabinetry at the rear of the room is floor to ceiling, handle-free and white, so it just melts into the wall – it barely feels like a kitchen at all, which is just what you want if it’s occupying the same space as your living room. Other colours and finishes are also picked up and linked together, while the uniform flooring and walls (not so sure about the naked breezeblock wall) also help to hang it all together.


One response to “Perfect harmony: how to zone your living space

  1. Thanks for sharing the design I like all the above but the white color in the room give a different and fresh look to the room. In this way I come to know how every part oh house look so charming.

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