The House Hotel, Bosphorus, by Autoban

Istanbul is at the top of my list of places to see before I die, and this newly opened hotel gives me a little extra push to make it there sooner rather than later. Turkish product/interior designers Autoban have a long-standing relationship with mini-chain of boutique hotels The House Hotel, and this is their latest opening, in the artsy Istanbul neighbourhood of Ortaköy. The House Hotel Bosphorous is a very grand late-19th-century building with some pretty special original features such as ten-foot-high ceilings and decorative plasterwork. Autoban has drawn out these details beautifully by painting nearly every surface white, and colour is entirely eschewed in favour of neutrals, from the marble bathrooms to the geometric parquet floor. Furniture really needs to hold its own in such surroundings, and Autoban added its own grand gestures, from the huge bedhead made from three overlapping circles of woven cane, to the retro-futuristic gold chandeliers and other light fittings. The finish looks to be of a very high quality, something that sets it apart from many other hotels attempting the designer-boutique thing. All in all, it’s a real masterclass in when to be sit back and let the architecture do the talking, and when to take on that architecture with (restrained) opulence. Some of the products designed for the hotel, such as the Zenovich chandelier, have been subsequently put into production, so you can have a little piece of contemporary Turkish glamour at home.



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