Art Deco home for sale

I often wonder what’s behind the doors of London’s grand townhouses, but from my limited experience of going inside, they are just scruffy offices with the carpet gaffer-taped down, and few original charms. But this house for sale on Harley Street has fired up my imagination again. It’s an astonishingly in-tact Art Deco home that I just can’t believe isn’t better known, considering how few domestic interiors of this calibre from the period survive (with the exception of buildings that have been saved for the nation, such as Eltham Palace). It was built for top ophthalmologist Sir Stewart Duke Elder; he had his consulting rooms here, hence the grand entrance to impress his well-off clients. The surviving interiors include in-built joinery in sycamore and contrasting ebony (typically Deco materials), a sinuous brass balustrade and curvy fluted plasterwork. It’s listed, of course. I’m not above posing as a buyer to nose round an interesting house but I think agents Beauchamp Estates might sniff out that I haven’t got the required £6.95m.



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