Falcon enamelware – back (but never really gone)

It’s always interesting when older British brands reinvent themselves for a new generation (or perhaps more accurately, a nostalgic older generation). Now it’s the turn of Falcon enamelware, which is rebranding/relaunching itself at this year’s London Design Festival. The product is pretty much the same – Falcon’s near-indestructable blue and white kitchenware has been around since the 1920s and has seen off millions of happy campers, students and lovers of simple design – although with some new products (tumblers in grey and red) that won’t detract from the original functional feel. If you’re at all interested in branding, take a look at their website to see how the company now presents itself – the minimal cardboard packaging and site design fit the current vogue for utilitarian homewares (see Baileys or Labour and Wait, for example), with natural-looking food photography that taps into that whole Brits-know-best, pies-and-crumble school of cuisine. It’s all very sensitively done, and I’m sure that it will win the company lots of new fans. Read a bit more about the teams behind the rebranding on Creative Review‘s blog. Falcon is officially relaunching at this year’s London Design Festival, at the Tramshed on Rivington Street, a venue that should provide just the right mix of nostalgia and functional design as the products themselves.



One response to “Falcon enamelware – back (but never really gone)

  1. The Falcon Enamelware re-brand has reached Australia too. Customers loving the Pie Sets and Bake Sets.

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