Seletti neon lettering

I love a bit of neon, so much so that I practically crashed the car the other day while trying to get an eyeful of this neon shop in Walthamstow (I wonder if they ever have sample sales?). But most of the ready-made signs you can buy are skewed towards retail, or people with full-sized bars in their cellar, so you’d probably have to get one made bespoke if you wanted something good. But then I saw Italian brand Seletti’s brilliant build-your-own version, where you buy one letter at a time and make up whatever word you want; there’s even a heart-shaped one, aww. It’s in a lovely typewriter-esque typeface and you wouldn’t need many to make an impact – maybe even one initial letter would do it. The transformer that links the letters together, which you buy separately, does look a bit clunky, but it sort of seems to go with the no-nonsense style of the typeface so I’m not gonna go on about it. Available from Panik Design.


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