Housetrained is my blog, dedicated to interesting homes and the good things inside them. I’m a freelance journalist, based in London, specialising in houses and interiors. I see a lot of great design in my line of work and instead of just forgetting about it, or forwarding something on to a friend and then just forgetting about it, I’m going to keep it here instead. It’s as much a way for me to learn a bit more about all the things I see – amazing houses, cool shops, new products – as it is for sharing it with others. I hope it will be honest and fun and a way for people to find out about good stuff without having to try too hard.

My work has been published in UK ELLE Decoration, Homes & Antiques, Build It, Luxure and others, and have also written and edited a fancy book about London’s interior designers and their work, Spectacular Homes of London.

I also write a blog about design-centric holiday homes in the UK, Emily Escaped.

For more about my work, see my website.

Happy reading



5 responses to “About

  1. You’re bloody amazing – I love it and I love you.
    I would like to live in house across a creak, and sit in a knitted chair, looking at my pigeon wallpaper, having just washed up the milk bottle light (?) with my mexicalnwrestler tea towel.

  2. Love this! So inspiring and beautiful. Please tell me you are actually going to stay in that room in Prague?

  3. Brilliant! I will be sure to refer to Housetrained regularly for all my interior design needs…

  4. Your site is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration…


  5. Hurray you’re back….made my day (those bloody alphabet stools were starting to drive me loopy) – lovely new stuff xxx

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